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DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer for Rapid City, South Dakota

Being charged with DUI is a serious offense that can have major consequences, including jail time, loss of driving privileges, and monetary fines. It is important that anyone facing a DUI charge in South Dakota understand what challenges they will encounter. It is very important you seek the legal advice of an assertive and experienced DUI attorney immediately. Call today for a fast and free consultation.

Penalties for First Time DUI Offenders

  • Chemical Test Refusal - Refusing to submit to a test when requested by law enforcement will result in the revocation of driving privileges for up to 1 year, however an offender may contest the revocation within 120 days by requesting a hearing.
  • Alcohol Evaluation - Successful completion of a drug and alcohol evaluation and any treatment program may be required by the evaluating agency is required for reinstatement of driving privileges.
  • Monetary Fines - Fines for a first time DUI are $2,000.
  • Commercial Drivers - Commercial drivers are in violation of the DUI statute with a Blood Alcohol Content (BAC) level of 0.04. A first time DUI or DWI conviction will result in the loss of the CDL (commercial driver's license) for 1 (one) year, while any subsequent DUI / DWI offenses will result in a lifetime loss of the commercial license.
  • Driving Privileges - In Rapid City, South Dakota, a first time DUI / DWI conviction results in the revocation of South Dakota driving privileges for a minimum of 30 days, up to a maximum of 1 year.
  • Jail Time - A first time DUI / DWI offender in Rapid City, South Dakota will face jail time of up to 1 year.

DUI Subsequent Offenses in South Dakota

It is important you seek the legal advice of an assertive and experienced DUI attorney immediately. Call today for a fast and free consultation.

Penalties are increasingly more severe for any additional DUI violations. Due to the complexity of DUI laws in South Dakota, you may not be aware of rights and options, including any defenses you might use. This is why an assertive and knowledgeable lawyer can guide you through this emotionally challenging process. Please contact a South Dakota DUI Lawyer for a professional and free consultation.

Additional Rapid City, South Dakota DUI Costs

Beyond any fines and court costs you will have to pay, there are numerous other charges that can add up and cost you a lot of money. Some of the other costs for DUI might include:

  • Vehicle Storage - After your vehicle is towed, it has to be stored somewhere, which is another additional cost.
  • Towing for Vehicle - Having your vehicle towed in Rapid City, South Dakota can be costly.
  • Insurance - On top of everything else, once you do get your license back, there is a good chance your monthly premium is going to be higher.
  • Loss of Wages - When you begin to add in the money lost by missing work, the amount really begins to add up quickly.

As you can see, there are quite a few "hidden costs" when it comes to getting a DUI in Rapid City, South Dakota.

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